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Let us glimpse at the list of animals that are varmints and might need removal when they leave their typical habitat, invade our dwellings, and do minimal to severe destruction to our property. As a homeowner, will you know how to get rid of bats, or the uninvited raccoon in the attic?

One invader in your Idaho area is the bat. There can be merely a few or a large colony that will make a home out of your home. The bat is on animal that may require bat removal. Other flying pests are birds, like woodpeckers that peck holes in the siding. Pigeons, sparrows, and also starlings may nest and roost in and on houses of a man made structures leaving huge messes. The starlings prefer to build nests in the bathroom fan vents causing them to plug up and potentially damage the motor or not enabling the damp air to leave the home. Another big bird is the Canada goose leaving behind goose poo on golf courses and lakefronts, all the places where we walk. These big birds can come to be very aggressive when they are nesting and lead to a possible attack when humans are passing by.

Now on to squirrel removal and control in Idaho, the red squirrel (the spawn of satin) as I call them. This little red devil can and will get into your home wherever there is a location it can chew, tunnel or crawl into your home, the red squirrel in my belief is one of the toughest animals to get rid of. Then there is the fox squirrel, grey squirrel and the least known is flying squirrels simply because they are a nocturnal animal. These animals could also cause damage to the insulation of your home and even maybe wiring in the attic spaces.  Then we have the 13 striped ground squirrel or gopher, and we cannot overlook chipmunks.

The woodchuck or even groundhog can be a big back yard irritation, they might under mine concrete footings, which can result in structural issues and leave mounds of soil out by the backyard shed. Another earthmover is the casual badger they can dig many holes looking for a meal I call this animal “mother natures earth movers”. Skunks also may dig up lawns looking for grubs, and they will make a den under a shed, under your deck in the backyard, or in the crawl space.

In Idaho Sow raccoons love to have their pups in chimneys, and attics. A definite sign you have raccoons in the spring is chattering sound returning from the fireplace, attic or ceiling areas. If the raccoon pups are born in an attic they might chew and tear up items, for instance insulated heat ducks, electrical wiring and in some cases rafters, raccoon removal and raccoon control is necessary.

As a certified wildlife removal expert in Idaho, I have assisted homeowners to deal with the removal and control of these diverse varmints. They wanted my help because I know how to eradicate the problem, and keep them from being an issue again. In a lot of cases it takes a wildlife control professional to perform wildlife removal on your property to be successful and have the exclusion to carry its integrity for years to come.